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  • Tribal Pattern Coasters set of 4
    Tribal Pattern Coasters set of 4

    Description Tribal Pattern Coasters set of 4 Dimensions 10cm × 10cm...

  • Decorative Artichoke
    Decorative Artichoke

    Description Decorative Artichoke Dimensions 18cm × 29cm  Colour Green...

  • Ikoo Vase
    Ikoo Vase

    Description Ikoo Vase Dimensions 23cm × 23cm  Colour Dark Brown...

  • Kitui Vase
    Kitui Vase

    Description Kitui Vase Dimensions 23cm × 23cm  Colour Dark Brown...

  • Parrot on Stand
    Parrot on Stand

    Description Parrot on Stand Dimensions 17cm × 13cm × 42cm Colour...

  • Green Parrot Ceramic Jar
    Green Parrot Ceramic Jar

    Description Green Parrot Ceramic Jar Dimensions 23cm × 12cm × 21cm...

  • Zebra Head Wall Plaque
    Zebra Head Wall Plaque

    Description Zebra Head Wall Plaque Dimensions 11.5cm × 7cm × 30cm...

  • Climbing Man
    Climbing Man

    Description Climbing Man Dimensions 19cm × 10cm × 65cm Colour Aged Metal...

  • Kisumu Figure II
    Kisumu Figure II

    Description Kisumu Figure II Dimensions 5.5cm × 5.5cm ×35cm Colour Aged...

  • Kisumu Figure I
    Kisumu Figure I

    Description Kisumu Figure I Dimensions 5.5cm × 5.5cm ×35cm Colour Aged...

  • Large Round Mirror
    Large Round Mirror

    Description Large round mirror on rope hanger Dimensions 40cm Colour...

  • Fish Dish
    Fish Dish

    Description Fish Dish Dimensions 38cm x 12cm x 4cm Colour Wood effect...

  • Durian Lidded Pot Large
    Durian Lidded Pot Large

    Description Durian Lidded Pot Large Dimensions 23cm x 17cm Colour Shades...

  • Decorative Pear
    Decorative Pear

    Description Decorative Pear Dimensions 10cm x 16cm Colour Burgundy and...

  • Decorative Apple
    Decorative Apple

    Description Decorative Apple Dimensions 10cm x 11cm Colour Burgundy and...

  • Monkey Candleholder
    Monkey Candleholder

    Description Monkey Candleholder Dimensions 10cm x 24.5cm Colour...

  • Leopard Candleholder
    Leopard Candleholder

    Description Leopard Candleholder Dimensions 9cm x 24.5cm Colour...

  • Rattan Mirror
    Rattan Mirror

    Description Rattan Mirror Dimensions 67cm Diameter Colour Natural...

  • Ubud Lantern
    Ubud Lantern

    Description Ubud Wicker Lantern Dimensions 35cm x 35cm x 36cm Colour...

  • Ceramic Chicken Large
    Ceramic Chicken Large

    Description Ceramic Chicken Large Dimensions 13.5cm x 10cm x 17.5cm...

  • Flower Bulb Tealight Holder
    Flower Bulb Tealight Holder

    Description Flower Bulb Tealight Holder Dimensions 8.5cm x 5cm Colour...

  • Grey Hare Small
    Grey Hare Small

    Description Distressed small grey hare. Dimensions 9cm x 14cm x 27cm...

  • Grey Hare Large
    Grey Hare Large

    Description Distressed large grey hare. Dimensions 21cm x 16cm x 50cm...

  • Feather Dish
    Feather Dish

    Description Distressed metal feather dish, ideal for trinkets or just a...

  • Dotty Planter Medium
    Dotty Planter Medium

    Description Quirky, spotty plant holder on three legs Dimensions 100mm x...

  • Dotty Planter Large
    Dotty Planter Large

    Dotty Planter Large

  • Potted Sage
    Potted Sage

    Potted Sage

  • Potted Box Wood
    Potted Box Wood

    Potted Box Wood

  • Asplenium Hanging Ball Kokedama
    Asplenium Hanging Ball Kokedama

    Asplenium Hanging Ball Kokedama




More than paint, Annie Sloan represents a no-fuss approach driven by creativity, inspiration and quality. The Annie Sloan Fragrance Collection is no exception with high-quality, British-made candles and reed diffusers, each developed to offer subtle, yet complex, scents that harmonise with the Chalk Paint® colour palette.

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